What are our clients saying about Natural Sound? Let's take a look!

I�ve worked with a lot of studios and I always come back to Natural Sound for the most important part � when I�m ready to sing. Steve is the heart and soul of the place and he has a magical quality of always knowing what to do to make sure you feel completely comfortable so that you can give your best performance � must be that southern charm! I love the feel of the place, the equipment is top-notch, and despite the complexity of the projects, everything has gone off without a hitch thanks to Steve�s know-how. It is always a rare thing to find exceptional quality for reasonable prices and it�s hard to know if you�re making the right choices when you�re getting ready to record. Save yourself some stress: Natural Sound Studio is the right choice. I recommend the place whole-heartedly.


Steve runs a very laid-back, comfortable, yet quite professional studio and won't break the bank doing your project. I can speak from experience: he truly operates from the concept that his goals are a biproduct of getting you to yours first and he genuinely cares about his customers. That is a rare commodity today. He is a master at the controls, both in-studio and on-site recording. I tell ya, with digital downloads being all the rage and CD sales shrinking, I just have Steve print the inserts, CD face, and package the whole thing up, ready to go out the door at very reasonable rates. I make up runs as I need rather than have CDs laying around. It's great and I don't need to have a huge minimum by a distribution house to get my product out to the public. Check him out! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

--Brad Dunse - Performing Songwriter

Back when we were Turnstyle, we entered Natural Sound Studios on June 23rd and 26th, 2007 to record our first demo CD. We had a blast. Sonic guru Steve Janega was a lot of fun to work with and made the recording process easy for the first�timers in the band.

--Marrs Attacks

I would recommend your studios to other musicians looking for rehearsal space.

-- Mike Hall--musician

Natural Sound Studio is an affordable, full-service recording studio serving clients from Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Now offering rehearsal spaces.