At Natural Sound, we specialize in recording in-studio and on-location.  With our expert staff and professional equipment, we are ready to give you the best recording in any environment at a much cheaper rate than other studios.

We maintain a relaxed ambience in our St. Paul studio to keep you comfortable with your performances.  We feature a wide range of microphones, instruments, and processors and are equipped with an isolation booth to get clear vocals.   Be sure to take a look at our equipment and contact the studio to schedule a tour of our facilities!

If you want to record a special event or just prefer to work in your own personal space, Natural Sound can work in just about any area.  With our portable recording gear, getting a quality recording can be done without any hassle.

Natural Sound Studio is an affordable, full-service recording studio serving clients from Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Now offering rehearsal spaces.